VoloMP's IP Throttling, Back Off Rules and SMTP Charts

VoloMP's IP Throttling, Back Off Rules and SMTP Charts

Tired of not knowing WHY your mailing is doing whatever it is?  Asking yourself, “What the heck is IP throttling?” Sick of begging for mailing tips via on-line forums (only to get slapped with snark)? Want to make that sweet, sweet mailing money but, not sure you have the way or the will to mail in high-volume?

email marketing frustration

Good news.

High-Volume Email Marketing Landscape

VoloMP understands you and today’s increasingly complicated email marketing landscape. We’ve been slaying those 421 error code dragons for many moons.

In fact, VoloMP developers have been part of email’s evolution for over 17 years. That’s how we keep creating powerful mailing tools that overcome the constant roadblocks ISPs erect.

Outlined below are three, totally awesome VoloMP features that put you, the mailer, back in control.

Back in the day, circa 2007, high-volume email marketing was ALL about speed. As long as you had the hardware and a list, you could in-box. With just one Class C IP block, you could deliver to 2 million records, per hour! In fact, many mailers were making a great living delivering to the Spam box.

Of course, back when Britney Spears was rocking the shaved head and umbrella-as-attack-weapon look, the Apache web servers couldn’t always keep up with all the images and clicks. But the ROI was strong and VoloMP was all about lightening fast delivery speeds via our own web server workarounds.


Fast-forward to 2017 and we’re in a whole new world. Today’s email landscape is less of a racetrack and more of an agility course (and Britney has a Vegas act and a full head of hair).

It’s a heady time indeed.  Now the ISPs/mailbox providers (gmail, AOL, apple etc.) have complex filtering systems to keep phishing scams, Spam-bots and even YOUR legit campaigns, OUT and your precious IP s at risk of instant burn-out.

In response, VoloMP, has changed right along with the times. Our brutish mailing brawn pales in importance now… compared to our ability to finesse various delivery challenges!

1. IP Throttling

One of the key ways VoloMP achieves in-boxing is by throttling IPs. IP throttling is very powerful.

VoloMP’s IP throttling feature helps you KEEP your IPs and continue to MAKE MONEY with them, rather than burning those poor li’l suckers down! And the best part is that you can watch the magic in REAL-TIME. That means you can make changes in the your mailing method, ON. THE. FLY.

It’s impossible to accurately predict any ISPs rate limits, at any given time, as they constantly fluctuate. There are so many factors at play such as your domain reputation, IP warmth and content. Volo’s throttling tool, lets you limit deployment at a group or individual IP level and in REAL TIME.

ip address throttling importance

2. Back Off Rules

VoloMP’s Back Off Rules (or bounce replies) protect your sending reputation. The Back Off feature monitors the warning signs an ISP sends as Volo attempts delivery. Our software “backs off” for a set duration, benching your IP s until it’s safe to proceed.

Volo spits out the error codes and time-out duration stats, in real-time. This eliminates a massive amount of guess work for you, saving your IP s, reputation and sanity.

This. Is. HUGE.

Skip the humiliation of poking around on-line forums looking for someone to commiserate about today’s dismal AOL delivery stats. Just look at your VoloMP dashboard for clarity. VoloMP will tell you what kind of “hold” is being honored (TS01, TS02, TS03, 550s, 421s for example)

VoloMP will retire and then re-establish connections based on pre-set rules for a particular ISP or you can set them yourself, both before or during deployment. Go default, or set your own.

3. SMTP Charts (REAL-TIME feed)

What’s even better than instantaneous reporting of what is happening with your mailing? Easy to read, real-time graphic representation of what’s happening! In short, VoloMP gives you pretty pictures to look at based on what’s happening on your SMTP server.

What’s going on with your gmail SMTP settings? Look at the chart.

VoloMP’s SMTP Charts allow you to make the little tweaks necessary to thrive in today’s mailing landscape/obstacle course. SMTP Charts are, updated in real-time, based on what’s happening with your IP space and your target ISP (s).

You get a visual breakdown of what’s going on. You can then adjust the throttle, up or down, to handle the “turns” you have to take in terms of deployment speed and what IP s are connecting which targets.


inboxing via IP address throttling



If you’re thinking there is some magical, hosted ESP that will let you mail in heavy volume, consistently and affordably…well, that’s a comfy delusion. There is no turn-key solution for mailing to over a million records a day, but VoloMP comes close.

The truth is that mailing in high-volume can be very rewarding ($$$$, eh-hem) however, you must use the tools available (like for IP throttling!). You do not have to be technical genius to get heaps and heaps of mail out when using our powerful software. As long as your data and IP s are on point, VoloMP can carry you the rest of the way, transparently and in real-time. You can’t beat that with an old, green umbrella.

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