Because we have been on the high-volume email marketing front-lines for nearly two decades. When it comes to mass mailing scale and mission-critical delivery issues, we feel your pain.

Our in-house mailer, is just like you.
He is out there on the mean streets of email, doing data deals, working with list hygiene services, leasing IPs and always tinkering with various delivery tactics and email creatives. He gets it.

VoloMP clients get instant access to real-world high-volume email expertise. We won’t just leave you out in the cold to fend for yourself.


Sending email is easy. Sending lots of email? That has its challenges.
As a VoloMP client, you get not just mass mailing software expertise but, one of the the most robust bulk email delivery platforms ever built. We can help improve your deliverability and bottom-line performance while safely ramping up your volume. Again, we’ve been at this for quite a while.


As ISP requirements intensify and IPs become harder to source and manage, VoloMP strives to stay ahead of the deployment challenges. Perpetual, incremental advancements are crucial. Our work is never done.


We’re developers, programmers, philosophisers, tinkerers, engineers, parents, photographers, amateur dare-devils, bikers, musicians, tennis-players, race car drivers, Merle Haggard lovers, travelers, jeep pullers, open-water swimmers and snobby coffee-drinkers.


In the market for mass mailing software that is easy to use, helps you scale-up and lands you in the in-box? Just want to know more? Get in touch.

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High Volume Email Open Rates How To

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High Volume Email Open Rates

You get 100%  email open rate when you only send to your most engaged user.
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IP Address Envy

IP Address Envy Can Strike at Anytime You did it! You got the millions of scrubbed email records, the servers, the full email infrastructure set-up complete with clean IP addresses!   Then, you share that you struggle to get your mailing business off the ground, what with good IP addresses being so hard to find
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VoloMP’s IP Throttling, Back Off Rules and SMTP Charts

Tired of not knowing WHY your mailing is doing whatever it is? Sick of begging for mailing tips via on-line forums (only to get slapped with snark)? Want to make that sweet, sweet mailing money but, not sure you have the way or the will to mail in high-volume? Good news. VoloMP understands you and
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Email List Cleaning Tips

VoloMP “sat down” (over email) with Bryan Jenkins of Email Oversight to talk email list cleaning. This a great read for anyone super serious (or who isn’t but SHOULD be) about cleaning your email lists. At Volo we strongly encourage our clients to stay on top of list hygiene. Interview with Email Oversight What sets
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IP and Email Throttling for High Volume Senders

IP and email throttling is part of what makes email marketing, particularly high-volume email marketing, so “fun” (nervous laughter). Email throttling or “deferrals” are what ISPs use to prevent inbox chaos (i.e spam). The various ISPs (AOL, Gmail etc.) employ different metrics for deciding rate limits and times. Depending on the provider, the amount and
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Noob Questions on MailerForum

When a Mailing Noob Asks an Obvious, Easily Googled, Overly Needy, High-Volume Mailing Related Question on MailerForum: When you’ve been mailing for a million years:     When you’re the noob:  
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Verizon Email Becomes AOL and Yahoo Email

Verizon bought AOL and bits of Yahoo back in 2015. To join in on the mobile advertising action, Verizon paid $4.4 billion for Yahoo (despite a massive data breach in 2013) and $4.8 billion for AOL. Now, finally, in 2017 the rubber is hitting the road in email land. (Download) Our FREE Guide to High-Volume
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Madrivo Techtelligence for Affiliate Email Marketing Campaigns

Guest Post via Sarah Dysthe of Madrivo Email marketing has become part of nearly every company’s advertising strategy. Consumer inboxes are flooded with newsletters and offers every day, many of which go unopened. Some messages land in the spam folder without ever being seen. When emails are viewed, there’s no guarantee that the content will
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IPv4 vs IPv6 and High Volume Email Marketing

Learning about IPv4’s successor, IPv6 can be about as interesting as watching grass grow. Internet Protocol addresses (IPs), are super important though. In fact, for people mailing more than a million messages a day, IP talk cuts right to the bottom-line. Good IPs are vital for mailing success. That’s why it’s time to have the
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Golden IPs

High-Volume Email Marketing and IP addresses How it feels when you mail off golden IPs!  
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How to Send One Million Emails a Day

How to Send One Million Emails a Day   Need to send a million emails or MORE a day? Good news! You’ve come to the right Internet blog. Hopefully it’s already occurred to you that signing up with a standard, hosted ESP or mail client is not the way to go. Garden variety email clients
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