Our recent client:

“I first tried the platform, saw how it fits my business and then it was easy to see the price works for me”




VoloMP Custom Plan
  • Custom tailored plan
  • Based on
  • IP count and volume

Our client for ages:

“I know Volo like the back of my hand. I am kinda mad they added the Executive Dashboard feature, now everyone can see exactly what’s going on with delivery. It’s like fishing with sonar! No sport in it!”


VoloMP Bronze
  • Up to 500K emails/day
  • Up to 500 IPs
  • $0 for proxy servers
VoloMP Silver
  • Up to 1MM emails/day
  • Up to 1,000 IPs
  • $0 for proxy servers
VoloMP Gold
  • Up to 2.5MM emails/day
  • Up to 2,000 IPs
  • $0 for proxy servers
VoloMP Platinum
  • No limit
  • Up to 4,000* IPs
  • $0 for proxy servers

*The facility to manage each additional set of 1,000 IPs costs $695

Email Marketing Software

UNMATCHED POWER & SOPHISTICATION for Serious High-Volume Mailers

Experience for yourself why affiliate and high-volume email marketers have been trusting VoloMP for nearly two decades.


Side-step the artificial limits imposed by standard ESPs. By integrating our software with your servers and IP space your potential sending volume becomes unlimited. We do not set content restrictions and there is no ceiling on your number of contacts.

VoloMP enables you to drill-down deep during deployment giving you actionable insights in REAL-TIME. Our powerful feature-set allows you to scale volume intelligently while maintaining sender reputation.


Choose VoloMP All-In-One managed service (Volo:AIO)

Volo-AIO provides strategic ongoing assistance to get you up and running. We manage your IP space for you. Many of our clients migrate to us after hitting the sending ceiling at their ESP. We are skilled at transitioning those accustomed to mailing off a hosted ESP to a full-stack mailing platform.


Provide your own server (s)and IPs and choose from one of our four enterprise-level plans.


VoloMP email software will be installed on your server(s) by our team, no programming skills needed. Clean data, IPs and a willingness to roll-up your sleeves and do some serious mailing is all that is required.

Got more advanced CS knowledge? You’re in luck. VoloMP works great right-out-of-the-box or can be fully customized to fit your unique email marketing strategy.


VoloMP puts you back in the driver’s seat in terms of mailing volume and deliverability. We set the standard for rock-solid, bulk-email software. VoloMP gives you the freedom to improve your email marketing in terms of your content and volume. ESPs tend to be restrictive in terms of the campaign verticals allowed and to how many records you can have imported. We do not set arbitrary content restrictions and there is no ceiling on the number of contacts.


VoloMP is the go-to email software for performance and affiliate marketers AND that’s not all. Any individual or company aiming to mail in consistent, high-volume can benefit from this robust mailing platform.

-No Setup Fees.

-Month-to-Month Contracts.

-Save more via Multi-Server Licensing.

20% net collection referral program
20% net collection referral program

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