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Email List Cleaning Tips

VoloMP "sat down" (over email) with Bryan Jenkins of Email Oversight to talk email list cleaning. This a great read for anyone super serious (or who isn't but SHOULD be) about cleaning your email lists. At Volo we strongly encourage our clients to stay on top of list hygiene. Interview with Email Oversight What sets Email Oversight...
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About IP and Email Throttling for High Volume Senders

IP and email throttling is part of what makes email marketing, particularly high-volume email marketing, so "fun" (nervous laughter). Email throttling or "deferrals" are what ISPs use to prevent inbox chaos (i.e spam). The various ISPs (AOL, Gmail etc.) employ different metrics for deciding rate limits and times. Depending on the provider, the amount and...
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Noob Questions on MailerForum

When a Mailing Noob Asks an Obvious, Easily Googled, Overly Needy, High-Volume Mailing Related Question on MailerForum: When you've been mailing for a million years:     When you're the noob:   ...
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