Volo Free Trial

Volo Free Trial

You can get a full featured Volo installation, running for at least a week, for free!

No feature held back, no need to pay us a dime, just test it out, see how it works (PDF).

We will setup a Volo on our virtual server, all you need to bring is a simple centos6 box (that’s centos6, it has to be centos6, not centos7) with 1GB RAM and some ips on it, up to 5. Yes, you can do five servers with one ip on each. 

If you can – get good ips, reputation built during the trial will be preserved when we spin you off on your own hw. Ping me at joe@volomp.com and I’ll select some VPS vendors from our database for you.

Centos6 box with 5 ips is approx $20, 5 domains is under $10, and again –  the learning curve is 10 mins (PDF). It used to be you needed thousands of dollars for the ranges, and weeks to get comfy with the platform. Now it’s a couple of dozen bucks and 10 mins to click along a pdf file, and you are ready to import your data and send offers.

Therefore – nice to have you on board 🙂 Send me the box info (main ip, ssh root password, extra ips, domains) and I’ll configure everything ready for you to point the domains and setup rdns within half an hour. The email is: joe@volomp.com