VoloMP IP Throttling

VoloMP IP Throttling

How to Manage Your IPs During Mass Email Deployment

Here’s a slo-mo look at what VoloMP’s IP throttling looks like:

The Importance of Strong IPs for Email Marketing

Without well managed IPs your email campaigns are going nowhere, fast. We’ve written extensively about IPs on the blog because IPs are critical to our clients’ mailing success. Read about warming up your IPs if you do not already grasp this concept. Internet throttling is real.

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  1. […] Traditional ESPs do not want you rotating IPs, because that’s a the hallmark of ne’er-do-well, black-hat mailing. But when you’re managing your own mailing ecosystem and mailing at significant volume, IP rotation is a must. This is the KEY difference between ESPs and mailing platforms. Plus VoloMP has an intelligent IP throttling system. […]

  2. […] automatically runs through your IP set(s) which evenly distributes how much your IPs are used and “backs-off” when sending is not possible. Volo continues to try, at regular and safe intervals, until it is possible to employ the IP(s) or […]

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