High Volume Email Marketing

High Volume Email Marketing

Attention: Affiliate and Performance Marketers!

High Volume Email Marketing

High volume email marketing takes true grit. Luckily, VoloMP is a “high-volume” master. We understand that, to achieve deliverability, you’ve got to keep multiple irons in the fire. Servers, IPs, domains, data, deployment scheduling, reporting, these all need to be closely monitored. And as a high-volume mailer you need a delivery platform to support your (hopefully) ever growing database.

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How “High” is High Volume?

Typical VoloMP clients send about 1 million messages a DAY, or 30 million messages a month, or much more. Doing high-volume emailing with a standard ESP (one that provides hosting and IPs) can be quite expensive. You will spend close to $10,000 a month just to send email. But, if you’re willing to manage your own dedicated server(s) and IP space, sending 30 million messages a month can cost you less than $3,000.

High Volume Senders Wanted

Standard ESPs are leary of bulk mailers whereas VoloMP works exclusively with mass mailers. Unlike your average ESP, we’re not managing IP space, you are. So your level of responsibility goes up but, that also means greater freedom for you in terms of sending volume. You can have virtually unlimited sending capability at an affordable rate.

ESPs are not fond of big time mailers for a good reason. Their whole sending reputation depends on the quality of data to which their members mail.

A single black-hat, mass mailer mailing to dirty data destroys IPs and thus the delivery rates for all the legit marketers on that same IP block. That’s why ESPs often act like a nanny-state, tightly policing and limiting what clients send.

VoloMP is more laissez-faire. You just have to have the good data and IPs and we will provide you with state-of-the-art mailing software as well as some coaching along the way.

We’re not afraid of high-volume. We eat it up!


How to Send High Volume

Sending millions of emails a day requires planning and focus. The more email you send, the more detail oriented you must become. You have to ace every step of the process. No skipping steps allowed, otherwise you’ll be shooting your deliverability rates in the foot. Ouch!

Clean Data

Your data must be scrubbed of all duplicates, typos and traps.

Clean IPs

Get the best IPs you can possibly find. IPs are KEY to successful email sending and delivery.

Good Server

Minimum technical specs required:

CPU: Intel Quad Core or better
Memory: 4GB
OS: CentOS 6 64bit (Standard Partitioning)
Hard drive: 100GB or greater (Higher RPM’s yield better database performance)

Good Domains

A well named, aged domain is ideal but not a necessity. Try to pick domain names that are a logical extension of the product(s) you are promoting.

ISP Relations

Most of our clients pick one or two ISPs in which to specialize. Some are Hotmail masters others Yahoo or AOL whispers. Sending at this level requires segmentation by ISP –sending only to gmail, or only AOL, or only Yahoo, per drop.

Target one ISP at a time and really dig in to understand their sender requirements. Each ISP is a bit different. And each changes their algorithm randomly.

You will also need to verify your domain records by adding a DomainKey and Sender ID SPF record to your DNS settings. A lot of folks get tripped up on this.

Zen Like Concentration

High volume email marketing requires that you be able to stay calm and drill-down to figure-out the various sending errors, that will inevitably arise while mailing, is an absolute must. High-volume email sending can be very fruitful but, it does require that you have a zest for trouble-shooting.

Typically, as soon as you fix one thing, something else will stop working. That’s just the way it goes. As long as you accept this early and are willing to test, test, test you’ll be golden.

VoloMP Service Highlights Include:

Server Set-up and Migration Assistance
Expert Deliverability Consulting
Compliance with Major ISP Requirements
Advanced Campaign Tools
Smart Proxy Optimization
Real-time, In-depth Report & Tracking
Responsive Technical Support
Fully Customizable Mailing Platform

Three Licensing Tiers:

-Start-up: 50,000 messages sent per/hour
-Mid-range: 250,000 messages sent per/hour
-Unlimited: No hourly speed limitation.

How VoloMP can Help You Send Huge Heaps of Email

At least half of our clients come to us after getting tired of juggling multiple ESPs. They have the data and marketing know-how but, are a bit shaky when it comes hosting and IPs.

We help make that transition into this brave, new independent mailing world. We will guide you on which servers to get, how to find clean IPs, and provide intensive software tutorials until you feel confident running the show.

Optimal Use of Your Data for High Volume Email Marketing

Other clients, generally, fall into one of two categories. They are either affiliate marketing advertisers with giant gobs of data, which they aren’t sure how the heck they’re going monetize. OR they’re affiliate marketing mailing brainiacs who COULD build their own email marketing platform but, would rather spend their time mailing, not designing software.

VoloMP Perks

The advertisers like us for our responsive support services, which get them up-to-speed in the mailingsphere. Mailing pros choose us because we’ve been trouble-shooting for 16 years now! As a result, our mailing software has a lot of fun bells and whistles to make mailing life easier. They also hire us to build-out customized solutions –just for them.

Talk to Us

It doesn’t matter if you’re a complete newbie or a seasoned mailing expert, if you seek to do high-volume email marketing, we can help. You can always request a free consult over the phone. If it makes sense, we can also schedule a free VoloMP software demo with you.

If you’re looking for a generic bulk email service, we’re not it. But if you’re willing to dig in and learn the full mailing process, VoloMP is here for you.

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