Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

What a mailer thinks upon hearing, yet again, about the rise of mobile marketing:

(Because mobile marketing is actually a HUGE benefit for email marketers.)

Mobile marketing is HOT. Thanks to smart phones, you can’t read a marketing trade publication without encountering startling statistics about how mobile marketing is taking over the planet. According to Yahoo’s mobile analytics:

“Mobile addicts worldwide grew from 176 million in the second quarter of 2014 to a whopping 280 million in second quarter 2015.”

And this from Litmus Software:

“56% of B2C emails are now mobile-friendly—a 155% increase since October 2013.”

When VoloMP started, we were still a few years away from the popularity of the Motorola Razr phone. Try impressing someone, other than a tech museum, with a skinny flip phone now.

As mobile phones have gotten smarter, the marketing battle cries about the end of email have gotten louder. And yet, the funny thing is, super awesome cell phones have only made email more relevant. Because, BREAKING NEWS: it’s really easy to check your email on your phone.

Email is both more personal and more formal than social media marketing. With email, you’ve raised your hand ahead of time, given permission to an individual or company to talk at you. Email waits patiently for you to interact with it as it suits you. And strangely enough, studies show that checking email –unlike a pop-up ad– activates pleasure centers in the brain.

High-volume email marketing has always been a niche of a niche. And with the proliferation of smart phones the audience of Big Email has only grown larger. So keep-up the hard work commercial email marketers, there are bored people waiting in line, sitting alone at restaurants and settling into bed, sacrificing sleep, just to click on your campaigns.