AOL Yahoo Change DMARC Rules

AOL Yahoo Change DMARC Rules

Achieve Healthy ISP Delivery Rates

Yahoo and AOL are at it again. Yahoo and AOL are changing their DMARC  rules. It’s part of the constant battle against scammy, spammy email. As a result, many ISPs have been bouncing “from” addresses originating from non-Yahoo servers. AOL has followed Yahoo’s example. So you can expect some BOING BOING going on.


Just like our friends at Yahoo have done, the fine folks at will put the kibosh on email sent from an AOL addy. So keep this in mind as you register new domains and set-up new email addresses.

To play it safe, alter your “from” addresses in campaigns, as well as the contact email for your account and user profiles. This will help you maintain your sanity.

You know Gmail and Hotmail are sure to follow. If this doesn’t bother you go ahead and keep using freemail ISPs. Otherwise, it’s recommended that you use your own domain to keep your ISP delivery rates healthy.