VoloMP Joe Explains IPs and Domains

VoloMP Joe Explains IPs and Domains

VoloMP Joe

Transcript from video interview:
Murray Newlands: Hello I’m Murray Newlands and welcome back to The Mail. In this video I’m speaking with Joe from VoloMP.

VoloMP Joe

Joe Simovic
: Hello Murray.

MN: Hello good afternoon. So tell me, you provide a mailing platform –not only do you provide the software but you really help your clients get going. How do you set up their IPs so they can mail effectively?

JS: OK, so about the IP space. It’s actually the clients who fish out the IP ranges they’re going to use. So they come to us with the IP ranges they’ve leased saying ‘I’ve got this IP range, and this IP range etc. and I’ve acquired these domains. Could you please set those up for me?’

So, about those IP ranges –hopefully they come with a note saying ‘this is the first and this is the last usable IP and of course this is the net mask.’ If not we do our best to take an educated guess and verify that we actually hit it. So, we bind those IP ranges on the VoloMP (server loaded with VoloMP software)

Back in the day, that was something that used to be done manually via the admin side. So it took some expertise and therefore it was way off limits for an ordinary customer. But now, for years now, Volo will actually let a customer bind an IP range from the Volo web user interface without actually having to go into the shell and having to perform some admin magic.

So in that way, binding IP ranges on a Volo server is user friendly. Again, clients acquire their IP ranges from ISPs. And yes our sales people can provide some guidance as to where’s a good spot to look for IP ranges.

As for domains, in our clients usually have friends in the business so they know, at this point in time, which domain registrar is probably the best to work with. And they come in and out of vogue. So sometimes it’s Moniker, then it’s NameCheap, then GoDaddy and round and round it goes.

So essentially the clients come to us, with the the IP ranges, with the domains then we go to a page on the admin user interface where we, so to speak, marry those IPs with the domains. Then finally it’s time to provide instructions on where to point the domain and what RDNS should be set up by the clients’ ISP.

Now this, of course, is something that the client(s) can do themselves. We have a number of clients who actually manage their IP space, fully on their own. They bind IP ranges (and) take them away, they set up new domains, replace old domains. They take care of all of that all by themselves.

Why? Well, because the Volo web user interface will actually allow for that.

And of course, yes, we have a majority of our clients who actually prefer to just shoot those off to support here at Volomp.com to let myself and my colleagues take care of it –making those domain configurations (binging IPs to the server and setting up domains).

And what we reply with is this, we say, ‘the following list of domains should be pointed to this custom name server there’ and by that I mean that, for each domain config you can create one or more custom name servers on [your] VoloMP [server]. So once those domains are being pointed by the client or the (domain) registrar’s website, from that moment on, it’s actually Volo who will provide all the records for those domains, the A record, the MX record, the SPF record, domain keys, everything.
So that’s pointing domains.

And finally the reverse DNS, that’s something that 99.9% of the time is done by the the ISP. And the remaining .01 percent of the time the ISP will actually delegate R-DNS authority to the client. In that case, Volo also allows for that because those name servers also allows also capable of serving R-DNS records like they do for the forward records.

So essentially, it’s pretty clear cut, although I do have to say that we, every once in a while, we get a client who’s new to actually having domains and IP space of his (or her!) own, so that client usually takes a little bit of time to learn the ropes and get going –which of course is part of our job to get him up to speed.

Fantastic. If people want to find out more information and contact you how do they do that?

JS: For business inquires the best people to go to are ellie-at-volomp.com and chris-at-volomp.com. And finally once people sign up and become our clients, then it’s up to us from the technical support crew to get them up to speed, get them mailing and see them on their way making profit.

MN:Fantastic Joe. Thank you very much have a wonderful evening.

JS: You too, thank you very much.