VoloMP Survey Results

VoloMP Survey Results

VoloMP Survey Results

VoloMP‘s spring survey results are in. And it turns out we’re doing… pretty OK! Of course, we can always do better (and better).

The main takeaways are that finding great IPs is challenging, the flow of quality data is always in flux and that Volo members ROCK  –especially the fine folks that took time out to respond to the survey. Many thanks to you all.

Here’s the skinny on VoloMP:

1. How long have you been with Volo?
I’m a newbie –less than 3 months 0.0%
I’m a junior member –less than 9 months 16.7%
I’m a seasoned, distinguished member –about a year 16.7%
I’m a Lifer –more than a year 66.7%
2. Generally speaking, how happy are you with Volo?
I do the Toyota jump every time I log in to Volo! 0.0%
Pretty happy. 14.3%
Really enjoy some features but, find Volo lacking in some key areas. 85.7%
Meh. 0.0%

3. Which affiliate network(s) would you most like to see added to the Volo API?
OB Media 80.0%
Crush Ads 0.0%
W4 100.0%
Neverblue/Globalwide 40.0%

4. How happy are you with Volo’s support service?
It’s top notch! 14.3%
Thumbs up –for the most part. 57.1%
More frustrating than helpful. 28.6%
What support? 0.0%
5. To which domain(s) do you mail?
GI 50.0%
TLDs 50.0%
TLDs plus cables 66.7%

6. What task(s) do you find most tedious while using Volo?
DNS configuration 28.6%
List management 42.9%
Scheduling 57.1%
Reporting 57.1%
7. Which other mailing platforms do you use currently or have used in the past?
Robomail 50.0%
Kobeni 66.7%
PowerMTA 50.0%
Listmarketer 66.7%

8. How would you describe your ability to source quality IP space?
It’s a snap! 14.3%
Pretty good. 0.0%
Challenging. 71.4%
Living nightmare. 14.3%
9. How would you describe your access to quality data?
I get direct data feeds. 0.0%
I’ve got good data hook-ups. 28.6%
It varies from month to month 57.1%
Weak. 14.3%
10. Which data hygiene service(s) provides the best results for you?
Impressionwise 71.4%
Briteverify 28.6%
e-hygienics 0.0%