Ori Elraviv Shocking Tell-All Interview

Ori Elraviv Shocking Tell-All Interview

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Murray Newlands:
Hello, Murry Newlands here at Performance Marketing Insider TV. I’m here at Ad Tech, San Francisco with Ori from VoloMP.

MN: How are you?

Ori Elraviv: I’m great. Thank you.

MN: What, exactly, do you guys do –for those that don’t know you?

OE: Alright, for those that deal with email actually know VoloMP. But for those that do not know VoloMP, then we’re a mailing platform, a mailing platform that deals with high volume mailers. I typically like to call it “affiliate type of mailers.” The type of mailers that either deal with affiliate networks. It’s typically very high volume email marketers.

MN: When you say “high volume,” from what kind of volume upwards?

OE: Well I think our typical one are those that at have at least a few 100k and up. I’d say they’d more likely to be in the million and up per day. Because less than that, I don’t know, they don’t make money probably.

MN: So, you provide the software platform?

OE: True.

MN: If someone wants help looking out where do they buy their IP addresses? Where do they get their hosting? Are you able to refer people? I know you provide that platform but can you put together that package?

OE: So, we realize there’s a lot of issues around those kinds of things. And we’d like to see ourselves as somewhat as a marketplace. It’s something that we want to kind of evolve with, to do whatever we can so that mailers can really just focus on mailing. OK so true, we do not provide the IP space ourselves. There’s a reason why we don’t. If we were to do that then we’d probably deal with a lot of mailers that we don’t deal with today. We do refer. There are several partners that we work with, that we know and trust. And we do all sorts of deals with those sorts of guys. So we can kind of pre-implement Volo. So it may take a lot shorter time for it to get going. We can refer and I know that most of our clients are happy with what we refer them to.

MN: So let’s say I have a list and I want to start monetizing and I want to start working with you guys? How long does it take to get set up and get started?

OE: It’s one of these things that we really try to explain to people that going to email isn’t about having a list and then you hit it and suddenly make money. There’s a lot of misconceptions. When we talk to new people we tell them listen you know you’re starting a business. You have to take into consideration a ramp up time of at least 3 to 6 months before you can actually start to make money. And it’s not only about the data, and it’s not only about the mailing platform.

We do whatever we can to facilitate it, and I think we’re doing a pretty good job at it, but we’re only part of that ecosystem. There’s the mailing, there’s the IPs, there’s the way that you mail and obviously there’s the offers. For you to be able to have a chance to succeed, you need to have those things tied up together and working properly. Guys really need to anticipate at least 3 to 6 months before (you can make money). And sadly, not a lot of people –we explain it to them, make sure they understand–but, after one or two months a lot get frustrated and leave. And that’s just the way it is.

After 3 or 6 months, you’ll be on the go and ready to make money and things will look bright for you.

MN: Fantastic. So if people want to work with you, what’s the best way to get in contact?

OE. There’s Ellie. Ellie is our marketing person. There’s also Chris who is our Client Relations Head. Ellie is at ellie(AT)volomp.com. Chris is at Chris(AT)volomp.com. You can always go and visit us at our website as well.