How to Send One Million Emails a Day

How to Send One Million Emails a Day

How to Send One Million Emails a Day



Need to send one million emails or MORE a day? Good news! You’ve come to the right Internet blog. Hopefully it’s already occurred to you that signing up with a standard, hosted ESP or mail client is not the way to go.

Garden variety email clients like Gmail or standard ESPs like Mailchimp are not built for (affordable) high-volume mailing. Either their servers will choke, unable to send that many damn emails, or they CAN send that many emails AND inbox them but….oops they also want your first born (i.e. a ton o’ cash)! Who needs this kind of deliverability humiliation?

Not you! Here’s what you need to know.

Sending email is easy. But, sending a TON of email is not. If you need to send significant volume, on the regular, you need tools.

To send a million or more emails a day you need:

A BIG, clean list

Proper Infrastructure (lPs and hosting)

Robust, Rock’em Sock’em Email software (eh, hem).

Your Email List is Gold. GOLD I tell you.

Odds are, because you’re reading this, you already have a significant database of a million or more freshly scrubbed, eager recipients. Or you have an even bigger list that is filled with defunct addresses, honey pots and typos. This is a great start.

List Hygiene

Sending in high-volume demands that you keep your lists sparkling clean. This means you’ll be working with various list cleaning services. Each one has its own methodology or specialty as to how and what they scrub. Do your research and see which ones match you best. Just do not try to go it alone. Get help with this.

Be prepared to sacrifice a large portion of your list. Sometimes you can lose half or more of your list! Don’t fight this. Better to error on the side of caution. High-volume mailing has too many moving parts, so try to stay on top of it by not skimping on the important stuff.

Hosting & IPs

Obtaining your own IPs is the most hair-raising part of high-volume mailing. For those looking to switch to using one or more ESPs, the terror of hunting your own IP blocks might be stopping you from even CONSIDERING a “mailing platform” (see: software) like VoloMP.

Change is scary (and inconvenient) but have some faith in yourself and the process and you can do it. Many folks before you have embraced the challenge and come out the other side, richer.

At VoloMP we do our level best to help you succeed. We can help with your IP search as well as your server set-up. We pour our efforts into making serious mailing as painless as possible.

Sweet Software

This is hard to admit but, VoloMP is only the third most important element in the mix. The software you select to attach to your IP block(s) and server(s) can make a world of difference. You need kick-ass software that can respond to the ever changing mailing environment.

Your mailing platform must match your mailing methods. Are you a general Internet mailer, meaning you mail to any and all domains other than the biggies (gmail, aol, the cables etc.) or do you only mail to the majors? This will determine how quickly you deploy and to what degree you throttle IP s.


The right software will make compliance simple. In this brave, new world of mailing off your own IP s you will need assistance and VoloMP already has all the ingredients baked in for that. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your suppression files and feedback loops will work properly as the powerful mailing engine does its thang, pushing and pulling back IP s as it dishes out heaps and heaps of email.


Tired of your ESP breathing down your neck about how much and what kind of content you send? Tired of over-paying for this privilege? Then, it’s time to go pro. Find out what it’s like to be the master of your own email domain. Talk to us.